So, I woke up around 5:40ish this morning...obviously because I'm up right now. I awoke to an earthquake. :/ Odd, huh? That makes twice in my life that I've been in an Earthquake. I'm kind of excited....

It's been a long time...again

So, our landlord, Dan, left his father, Dennis, as his power of attorney--while he's deployed.. :( Now, this wouldn't be such a BIG problem except Dennis is threatening me/us and being an all around asshole.

Now, here is where my stupidity comes into play. Dan--the nice landlord--KNEW that I was living here during the last lease and AGAIN when everyone resigned a new lease for this current year we are living. Now, I specifically asked Dan if I needed to be on the lease, and he said that no--Because Staci and I were together and that was good enough just as long as we stayed together and I didn't "break stuff." Which, I have not.

Now, Dennis--Says that it doesn't matter what Dan said because Dan is now out of the country and NOW--Dennis is threatening to sue me for squatting and then ruining the septic tank--which is not working as of now and there is the basement where Steve lives and over-flowing out into our drive-way. This has happened before and we have NOT reported this, in fact, we have kept quiet BUT now that he is threatening me, mainly-leaving me mean messages...

There is more...but I believe that the septic tank man is here! THANK GOD...

But, seriously this guy, Dennis, he made me cry last night for over an hour--because he was yelling at me and threatening me and cussing at me.....


Okay soooooo I'm upset. I still feel like death. . .seriously. . .I have to take a nap like every couple of hours because I feel sooo rotten. . .and I was supposed to go back to classes and work today. Well, I called off work, and they seemed fine with it, . .haha!!! they must not want to get sick. :) Anthropology took a test that I get to retake some other time, so i didn't have to go. French class, well, she'll understand, i couldn't go because i felt really ill so i took a nap instead. Then, there is this night class...which i don't wanna go to, but I'm gonna try to go. gr. i wanna sleep and feel better!
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It's been quite a while, huh?

Hey guys I've been gone quite a while. . .sorry. Things have been going on.

I miss France. . .and heck, lets be honest, I miss a lot of things.

That's all for now.

ps: here is a phone I'm thinking about getting!

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Oh ranting. . .

I am kinda scared for the presidential election that is coming up. I have been doing some research on candidates for both republican and democratic. . .and I am very scared what will happen to our country with a republican president.

I know for sure that all but maybe one (it didn't say if he was against gay marriage or for it) are against gay marriage! Almost, if not all, are against aborition except in cases of incenest, if the life of the mother or unborn baby are endangered, etc.

I know that I should be looking at other factors, and I am, but those are what I look at first, and then I look at the other issues: education, the war in Iraq, Korea and the nuclear debate, health care, immigration, etc. But, it is so hard to look at some of the stances of a presidential candidate when they are opposed to gay marriage.

Who is to say that I should not marry Staci? Why can't we be allowed to partake in that ceremony between two people when we are not hurting anyone, we just want to be able to have the same rights as everyone else. I know some people would say that if we love each other it should be enough, why should we care about a piece of paper? Well, I do care about that "piece of paper" because it isn't just a piece of paper, it offers rights and privleges to married couples that people who aren't married can't have.

I am also worried about this Iraq situation, Global Warming, Education system, Health care. . .and I know that if a Republican candidate is sworn into office, that all of America will suffer from it. Yes, my opinion could change if a republican presidential candidate changes his or her stance on topics I would be willing to vote for him or her. . .but as it stands now, it looks like I will be voting democratic.

I suggest we all go out there and research these presidential candidates because we are all getting old enough to know what is at stake and what values we believe in. I think that voting is something that everyone should do because they want to better the United States not just because of religious backgrounds or previous affilations to certain governmental parties.


Moving up in life

Yeah, so I moved up into B-1 yesterday and then I had my first class today. . .it was littérature and it is okay; It is a lot different than my A-2 classes but I think that once I get used to actually having to listen and not be bored off my ass, I will be okay- i just need to catch up to where the class is and i will be fine, right?

I hear there is a shit ton of snow in muncieville!!! haha nice. lucky bastards, i am in france where is RAINS all the damn time and is kinda cold. grumble grumble.

love you all!!!!


YAY I AM going to Nice sunday until wednesday and maybe a day of monaco in between! i am excited because the carnaval is like mardi gras in the states and i get to see the med. sea and be in the south part of france! i am soooo excited!!!!

in other news. . .i really miss staci.

classes are easy and they put me in a level lower than what i really am. . .and i am bored and can't move up. stupid, but hopefully i will still learn a good amount of french!

miss you all. . .leave me a comment or something?????

Good News!

I'm now declared independent with Ball State! YAY!


I'm getting my car on Saturday!!! It's gonna be sweet!


I got an awesome deal on car insurance on both my Jeep and my new Honda!!!


I love Staci.

the end. . .